Ben's Music Career:

Ben Carroll is a guitarist, vocalist, songwriter, Universal Recording Artist, instrumental artist, teacher and a perpetual student of music. With a successful music career that spans almost two decades, selling more than a half-million albums; releasing nine albums with Ra as a lead guitarist, two albums of instrumental guitar music, three albums with The Hollow Glow as the lead vocalist and guitarist, an experimental new age ambient album "Multidimensional Voice," a singer/songwriter acoustic solo album, “Illuminated Heart” and 2 albums with Half Past My Sin which features Jason Bittner of Shadows Fall. Ben has had experience on all levels of the music industry, from playing 30,000 seat arenas to playing coffee shops, from recording with big name producers, in big name studios, under million dollar recording contracts; to recording self-produced, self-released music on laptops. Lately Ben is spending less time on the road (enjoying waking up in one place every day very much,) and is very busy teaching and recording.

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Ben's Teaching Career:

Ben Carroll has taught all levels of guitar, from beginners literally right up to Berklee grads. Ben doesn't just teach the standard material you could learn from an outdated Mel Bay book. Over the years Ben has developed systems for guitar playing, ways to snap things together and make the guitar much easier to understand with much less memorization involved. In his career as a professional musician/performer Ben has taken everything he learned at Berklee and through real world experience, weeded, condensed, simplified, and made it more suitable for the real world applications. When you take this and couple it with Ben's invaluable years of experience successfully navigating the music industry as a Universal Recording Artist as well as an independent artist, and the years spent on the road as a touring musician, you have access to a teacher with a very powerful and unique set of knowledge. Ben has the kind of experience you will be hard pressed to find in other teachers/mentors actively teaching today, and with 20+ years of teaching under his belt he has the skill set to help you to understand what it takes to get to where you want to be.