With Guitar Pro I/O you can take your guitar playing to the next level with the guidance of an industry pro & former Universal Recording Artist, Ben Carroll. Ben has signed million dollar record deals, toured the world, sold hundreds of thousands of albums, recorded with big name producers in big name studios...plus he is also a Berklee College of Music alumni with 20+ years of experience teaching music to students all over the world!

Stepping up and taking guitar lessons, or taking part in the Career Guitarist Mentor program, is about working towards YOUR goals. If you don't exactly know what your goals are; you and Ben will find them together...and once you have direction, with Ben's guidance, you'll be on the shortest path to achieving those goals.

Whether you just want to jam with your friends, get into a top notch school like Berklee College of Music, or play at a pro level touring the world over, IBen can help you. Ben can help you a lot. He has helped guitarists at all levels, from beginners to music school grads, to refine their personal goals and to move forward towards them in a clear, focused straight line. Ben will do the same for you.

As your guitar teacher, Ben willwork with YOU. It's your goals. It's your direction. It's your talent that shines through. Ben just gives you the tools that you need to make your journey as fast and fun as possible...so you can OWN IT! Simple as that.