Ben Carroll's Guitarist Mentor Program

GUITARISTS! Do you want to make music your career? Are you driven to succeed? Do you want to learn the ropes from an industry pro?  This is for you.

Here is your opportunity to study with a former Universal Recording Artist who also happens to be a Berklee trained musician with 20+ years of teaching experience. You will learn from a career musician that has navigated the industry, recorded with top producers, signed major label deals, had a ton of radio airplay, and toured all over for years on end.

Ben Carroll from Ra is now working with up and coming guitarists as a teacher and mentor to guitarist that are serious about making playing the guitar their career. This isn't just guitar lessons, this is a fast paced music career mentor situation that covers all aspects of mastering your instrument and navigating today's music industry as a guitarist.

What happens in the audition?
Ben will have you perform something that you are comfortable with, an original song or cover song is preferred. Then you will work with just a bit of material supplied by Ben which consists of a chord progression and accompanying jam track, which is supplied to you beforehand as a PDF file and an MP3 jam track. After this we will talk about your goals, where you currently are at, and where you would like to be.

The audition is live face to face with Ben and generally lasts about 15 minutes. The audition is also recorded for Ben to review after the fact when it comes time to make final decisions.

What happens after the audition?
You will either get offered a slot to work with Ben or you will get some pointers on what you should work on to get yourself ready to work with Ben in the future...and potentially be put on a waiting list where Ben will email you from time to time to check in...simple as that. Not everyone is accepted because Ben very busy and has only  a limited amount of slots available.